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What OliveCliq does

Empowers Healthcare Facilities

to extend their outreach among increasingly disease and hazards affected population.

Connecting and Sharing

HealthCare Info and Resources With Entities

Connects Management

to organization and Market Place (Patients, Doctors, Offering Online Services)

Independent of Technology Management

Hospitals, Practices, Doctors and Patients.

Enabling Cloud Based Healthcare Applications and Services

A staged progression moving towards complete technological transformation, at no startup cost.

Making Patients Part of HealthCare

with access to their information and reports.

Provides standardized cloud based health services

Implements standards such as ICD 10.0, CPT 4.0., LOINC, ISO 15189, ISO 17025.

Free Upgrade

Our upgrades policy ensure free of cost software upgrades and implementation barring a few costs, which may be incurred on acquisition of hardware needed to use the software effectively.

Cloud Infrastructure

OliveCliq Health Cloud uses a mix of Google cloud services, Amazon Web Services and Other proprietary cloud to offer speedy, safe and secure cloud services within a manageable range of costs.


BPR is an ongoing process, adapting to new arising business needs and customizing the software to suit the new requirements. Financially, BPR has a high cost on both the end-user as well as the HMS provider. BPR cost is controlled, while making effort to speed up change.