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Connected Healthcare Facilities

Strategically empowering enterprise scale hospital, laboratory and pharmacy networks and medium to small scale hospital, laboratories and pharmacies in this area.

Empowers Healthcare Facilities
Extending their business outreach by continually digitally transforming and connecting. Investing in new technologies and trainings on continuous basis.
Domain Expertise | Long Term Strength
Trees has long term retention of domain expertise and experience enabling 22+ years of experience helping Trees to have mature applications delivering aggregate experience to our customers.
IT-Staff Independency
Trees provide specialized software, cloud Infrastructure /24/7 Maintenance, Steady upgrades and training to make facilities to invest more on their core business. Continues technology development process as business grows.
Continuous Investments
Trees invests on new digital platforms, health standards, software upgrades, trainings and auditing processes to continually monitor use cases and gaps Trees has invested and continually invests its own capital to bring to client risk free software, application platfrom and technology upgrades.
Introducing Standards
Trees used its experience of 25 years to develop a standard healthcare system for country wide market enabling standard processes. Further international healthcare standards of healthcare i.e CPT, CLSI-2018, LIONIC and CAP and ICD-10 has been enabled.
Managed Infrastructure Services
Clients are enabled on AWS/GCP cloud platforms to be free of servers, licenses, databases, backup serers. Trees managed services takes care of all under a 24/7 support eliminating cleint end costs.
Extensive Network
Large nework of healthcare facilities across the country, giving leverage to Trees for research and development network with clinicians, pathlogists, hospital managements, nurses, admnistators and other stakeholders.

Healthcare Solutions

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