OliveHMS ( Hospital Management system for any size of Hospitals, Clinics and multi location

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    Managing Patients and their Visits Over Time

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    Out-Patients Typical Day |From Consultation to Services Booking and Payments

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    IPD Billing Settlements and Payments Tracking

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    IPD Billing Settlements and Payments Tracking

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    In-Patients | At Billing Counter Getting Tracked for Payments and Balances

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    Appointments Management | Scheduling Calendars and Live Connectivity to Patients.

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    Appointment Calendars….

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    Out-Patient | Time Management


OliveHMS frees up all your resources i.e expansive staffing ( monthly expenditures), In consistent IT staffing who have limited or no business understanding to sail in growing competitive and information processing challenges , free up from software upgrades ( as olive does it all) and most importantly we package it with FREE IT-Business Consulting and Free availability of Healthcare Products to evaluate it at length to take awarded decisions.
OliveHealthEco ( Health Eco System www.healthEco.pk) | OliveHMS is a component application of more wider Healthcare Information. Modules of system to address the Internal needs of Hospital;

Olive HMS Module

1. Hospital System Configuration Management

a. Setting up Services, Rates, Panel Packages, Financial Work Flow, Revenue Sharing

b. Share controls, Rosters Control, Access controls for Users, Services for Web-Enabling Apps, Communications

2. Patient Vault | Central Patient Repositories, Cards Issuances, Visits Management, Grading's, Registration and Enquiry


3. Appointment Management |integrated Rosters) and Web site Live Integration

4. Out-Patient Management | Int. to Out-Patients Manager/E-Prescribers, Ordering ( Medicines, Lab, Diagnostics)

5. Financial Management | Payment Management, Refunds, Discounting, Doctors, IPD/OPD Receivables

6. IPD- Management | admission , Discharges

7. Patient's Grading Modules | Evaluation and Three steps Approvals Process

8. Billings Management | IPD Billing, Services, Room Rentals, Medical Services

9. Pharmacy Management | Extensive Medicine Classifications for EMR and Inventory Use, sub-Stores Management (

issues, Returns, Demands)

10. HR-Management | Duty Rosters and Payroll

11. Laboratory |IPD, OPD Ordering and Internal work –flow of Laboratory for Phlebotomy, Result Processing and


12. EMR | Electronic Medical Records

13. Out-Patient Manager for Clinics | E-Prescriber, SOAP Notes, Communications, Int. EMR, Referrals

14. Diagnostics Management (ECHO, ANGIO etc) | Ordering and Reporting

15. MIS Dashboard | Live Operational Indicators for IPD and OPD , Diagnostics and Staffing, Ordering and Delinquencies.

16. Nursing Counters Management | IPD and OPD Nursing Interactions i.e Daily Notes, Services Ordering, Nutritional

Orders, Integrated to Doctors to Instructions', Bed Management and Treatment Follow-ups.

17. Vaccination Management | Formal and Other Vaccination Tracking

Controls, Partners in Business, Bed and Rates , Packages setup

18. Inventory Management | General Items Inventory Management

19. Purchases | Purchase Ordering, GRNs, Vender Management, Partial /order Receiving.

20. Communications | Extensive Alerting SMS/Email to variety of stakeholders, Internal Event Driven Alert Generation

21. Casualty and Emergency Management |Admissions, Triage, Services Ordering, Referrals