Unique Services and Integrated Applications


We offer to connect your web site to ( ONLINE APPOINTMENTS/E MAIL/SMS* Solution), Which guarantees that your patients have access to current set of consultants at your facility and can choose their preferred appointments sitting back at their home and Offices. Here is what is does:

  • 1. Access to consultants schedules ( changes in schedules are all dynamic), SMS*/Email Alerts to Patients
  • 2. Book Appointments Online ( Book Appointments from anywhere)
  • 3. Doctors Profile is your strength, it must have accessibility to patients.( doctors profile update, Additions and deletion of Doctors) are all easy no programming no need to wait/invest on web site updates when doctors join and lave facility. It is all done in few clicks can be done by anybody.
  • 4. We provide more visibility to your facility via www.olivecliq.com where patients come more frequently searching for doctors; we link it back to your web site to preserve your brand.
  • 5. Time slots are all connected to Hospital, clinics, Patients. No Matter from where it get booked from PCs, from patients own portal, from mobile devices and from web sites. All get updated instantly.

See Live by clicking on the link below.

Live Demo 1 Live demo 2