Consulting Profile

Trees Technologies, a Legal, Courts and Healthcare Informatics consultancy arm started working in the years 1995. Starting off as information systems developers for leading law firms on internal legal systems in Patent, Trade Marks, Copyright and Case Management. By Mid nineties by Trees started working with specific divisions on Legal /Courts informatics and Healthcare System in specific Laboratory Systems.

By late nineties, Trees was hired by Asian Development Bank's on Legal and Judicial Reforms project. This program was later expanded to broader extensive legal and judicial sectors program in the country. In 2002 Trees went on to develop a Case Management System for trial courts. Trees hold a unique team of dedicated professionals, Trained Court Staff and a very very successful model of Case Management system in the country.

With dedicated Legal and Court Informatics division, Trees worked on wide ranging artifacts like Information systems, Trainings, Performance and Case Tracking Tools to raise courts from ordinary public dealing offices to an integrated and dynamic information processing.

Trees Healthcare Informatics division side by side also started to flex its muscles. From 1993-2001 extensive works were done in the clinical laboratory information system which is 2002 started to expand into Hospital Management System. Over the next decade Trees has been involved in no of consulting's for development and Implementation for Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and other Healthcare unit. In 2012 the company moved to cloud based HIS products, which are effectively coupled with consulting arm to develop a landscape for enabling wider implementations.

Healthcare Products and Services | Launched in 2013 Consulting to Healthcare Institutions

Gaining traction Trees Technologies has enabled and connected Doctors and Care Units.,,, ,

Web-presence has been transformed into dynamic and connected applications in the first stage.

Web-site of Healthcare Units are being transformed into two way information processing tools to connected patients and care units.

Enabling CareUNITs small and big to bring Information Processing under a Standard System OliveHMS |

OliveHMS a component information system of OliveHealthEco system enables hospital and care unit to connect to ONLINE system tools to manage patient Vault and basic patient flow for treatment.

Extending it to Enable Doctors | the point where most of the clinical information is captured i.e Electronic Medical Records, E-Prescriptions for Enabling to Disease Management and Treatment Tacking

Doctors being the focus to HealthEco system provide them with a state of art tool to connect to patients in the network at any no of practicing location. The clinical data collected at Doctor level not only help to build EMR system, it also enables data studies. ICD-10 and Other Standards enables data to be communicated to other platforms.

Yearly Projects /Consulting Assignments


Hired by Fred Hollows Foundation to Setup and Connect (ophthalmology and Diabetic Screening Units across country) for delivery and monitoring of services) .The services and surveillance network in being enabled on Health-Eco System. It stands to start running in 3rd quarter 2015.

1998 : Armed Forces institute of Pathology.

Trees was first to setup a Laboratory System for ground up. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, a research institute after 15 years is still running their back bone services on the same system.

2002 : PNS Shifa Hospital Karachi

After Armed forces institute of pathology was raised, a complete redesign of Business Process and delivery mechanism was devised for PNS Shifa Hospital, Karachi.

2004-2005 : Combined MilitaryHospital, Quetta

A Regional Hub of Army Hospital was energized for Laboratory and IPD wards.

2004 : Pakistan Ordinance Factories Wah

A ground-up System design was done for entire this 400 bed hospital. The assignment involved setting up system for OPD, IPD and Emergency units. Besides Services Units were also enabled.

2005 : Rehman Medical Institute

Moving on Private Sector, Trees expanded to be engaged on a long-term assignment for rising up RMI hospital. Trees worked in both ARMS for this institution. Consulting in setting up Health-IT HIS development and Implementation Services

2009 : Biocarelabs ( Clinical Laboratory ) startups

In 2009 Trees started to offer cloud Systems. Biocarelabs was a new laboratory being setup. This laboratory was modeled to operate on a Franchise model. Trees have partnered to provide BPR and Services Workflow design. Later developing a system which connected all the different collection centers and laboratory.